A collection of projects I've worked on.

Some are live projects; others are demo projects worked on either while trying out something new, or when putting pieces together to see how they fit.

Matteo Guidotti

WordPress Dev

Lo studio offre servizio di consulenza e supporto piscologico, percorsi di psicoterapia rivolti sia al singolo che alla coppia....

Ravenous App

React Dev

Ravenous search app is a React prototype built for food explorers. Search for any kind of restaurant in any city of choice and get the best with corresponding ratings...

Cynthias Moda Enterprise

Ecommerce dev

Cynthia’s moda is a fashion brand targeted at defining and interpreting the clients’ fashion ideas and feelings, thereby crafting these ideas into reality putting into consideration the clients satisfaction...

Avenida srl

Full stack dev

Avenida è dal 1988 uno studio di comunicazione e immagine per gli enti pubblici e le imprese. È un laboratorio creativo per comunicare con chiarezza e autonomia di linguaggio...

Canili Caleidos

Full stack dev

In termini temporali, la gestione di canili è l’ultima delle sfide che la nostra Cooperativa ha deciso di intraprendere. Nata dall’amore di alcuni soci per gli animali...

Italkero srl

dnn cms dev

Developing contemporary ways of heating designed and assembled in Italy! Our innovative creations provide a new way of heating for your home, outdoor events and industrial needs! A wide range of gas heaters, gas fireplaces, outdoor garden furnitures and patio heater.

Jobs Board

Front end dev

A fictitious job posting site suitable for advertising anything - jobs, events, courses, meet-ups... No framework was used; just vanilla HTML5 and CSS (.scss).

Carolina SPA

Full stack php dev

Carolina spa was built as a proposal for an Italian massage home. The client later opted for another design layout. But, as it was beautiful, I decided to develop it further with PHP.

Whole tone

Front end dev

WholeTone is a Bootstrap template created while getting up to speed with the latest features of Bootstrap 4. Animate.css was used for the intro animations.