Below you will find a collection of my recent works. Most are live projects of clients on the web; others are personal or demo projects worth sharing.
Content Slider

A minimal content slider based on the popular slick slider. You'll love this one.

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Canili Caleidos

In temporal terms, the management of kennels is the last of the challenges that our Cooperative has decided to undertake.

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A modern, bold admin interface for article or project management.

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Alberto Dolfi

Alberto Dolfi approached music at a very young age, studying Keyboard, Guitar and Modern Singing.

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A minimal layout proposal for an artist website using Bootstrap, jQuery, GSAP, Custom CSS animations and AOS.

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Avenida has been a communication and image studio since 1988 for public bodies and companies. It is a creative laboratory to communicate with clarity and autonomy of language, enhancing the resources available with effective operational strategies.

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Founded in Sassuolo in 1985 with the name of the Social Solidarity Cooperative, it was born with the aim of offering the territory an operational tool capable of effectively influencing the dynamics connected to marginality and social hardship.

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The frontend of a project I'm currently working on. Built with Sass.

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33 Alberi

A minimalistic business theme with clean, pragmatic design with 'serious' colour combinations.

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A responsive restaurant/eatery template based on HTML 5 & Sass.

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A Bootstrap bakery theme with Animate on Scroll (AOS)

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Matteo Guidotti

The studio offers counselling and psychological support services, psychotherapy programs for both individuals and couples.

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Trip Search

An all in one travel organizer built with sass and flexbox

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